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Domestic Violence

In 1994 I met Jackson Katz while working at the Center for the Study of Sport in Society. Jackson created the Mentors in Violence Prevention Project, a program designed to raise awareness and voices of men (in particular male leaders; athletes, etc.) for the prevention of all forms of men's violence against women. I became one of those men. I was very fortunate to learn from many brilliant and brave individuals who have been engaged in educating, advocating and fighting to end the violence. As a former professional athlete, I was afforded a great platform to showcase their work and help break the silence, that is the greatest tool of injustice.

I've always understood my role in this work; to use my platform to raise awareness, especially with men. I have also been humbled by the many "angles and warriors" I have met; those who are there for survivors and continue to fight against a society relatively indifferent to the issue.

If you come to this site looking for help or answers to deeper questions regarding domestic violence, sexual assault or child sexual abuse, below is a list of some of the organizations and individuals with whom I have served and have been a perpetual student.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

National Domestic Violence Hotline:

National Network to End Domestic Violence:

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape:

MS. Foundation for Women:

Stop It Now!:

Jackson Katz:

Byron Hurt:

Men Can Stop Rape:

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