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G9 Turf

As a former player, Don McPherson brings a unique perspective to the synthetic turf industry. Most notably is the network of athletes that will serve as representatives of G9 Turf nationally. G9 Turf employs state-of-the-art maintenance and service currently unavailable in the market. And, matched with the unique perspective and knowledge of our representatives, will have an immediate impact on the synthetic turf market.



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WRM America

Wright Risk Management is the leading liability and risk management Firm serving schools and municipalities in New York State. Since 1997, Don McPherson and his programs have worked closely with WRM to help schools and communities identify social and structural precipitating factors that lead to loss and liability. In 2008 Wright Risk Management America was established as a national firm working with the National Association of Independent Schools. Don McPherson is a regular contributor to publications and presentations on behalf of WRMA.

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